Cruiser and Navigation

“The Harry Peel Trophy” is one of our longest standing nautical traditions and the premier Power Cruiser Challenge on the coast.

Open to all, with Cruisers and offshore capable vessels representing the Royals (the four R.M.Y.C’s. at Toronto, Newport, Rose Bay and Port Hacking) as well as other major Motor Yacht Clubs from up and down the coast, such as the St George Motor Boat Club.

The most sought after Trophy in Power Cruiser trials, a solid silver trophy originally hand crafted in the 1930′s, and currently worth in excess of $50,000. One of our original members, Harry Peel, discovered this magnificent trophy in an old antique shop and donated it to the Club as 1st Prize for their newly established annual Motor Boat Trial.

The Trial was originally named “The Harry Peel Navigational Trial”, and each year the event starts from either RMYC Rose Bay or RMYC Broken Bay.

It has long been considered “The Most Prestigious Cruiser Trial on the New South Wales Coast” and is keenly contested.

Stay tuned for the dates for 2019…

The event is a time trial open to anyone with a cruiser class boat not less than 6.5m in length. The trial entrants negotiate a set course finishing at Port Hacking with limited forms of navigation equipment allowed.

Entrants must nominate their speed before the event and electronic plotters (“Dolphins”) check the time and position of each boat at random intervals along the coastline. Points are deducted at each check point dependent upon how many seconds each entrant is off their declared time and the winner of the event is the entrant with the least points lost.