Dress Regulations

Dress Code

Members and their guests and visitors to the Club are expected to observe the Club’s dress requirements when on the Club premises. Smart casual attire is acceptable unless otherwise indicated for particular events or when representing the Royal Motor Yacht Club Port Hacking.

Items not permitted at any time:

Singlets; muscle t-shirts; offensive, worn out or soiled t-shirts; overalls; football jumpers; football/training shorts; soiled clothing or footwear; bare chests, beachwear or bare feet.

Headwear – such as Hats, Caps, Beanies and Hoodies – are not permitted within the Club.

Management reserves the right to decide on appropriate dress standards.

5km radius rule

The NSW Registered Clubs Act require a person who lives within 5km of this Club to be a Member, or a Member’s Guest, to enter Club premises.

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